Thursday, 4 May 2017

Must Paint Faster....

Just a quick update in the painting project that is my Ork 'horde'. They'll be hopefully coming with me to Birmingham in June so everything else in the painting queue has been necessarily pushed aside while I paint as many greenskins as possible.

First up was two Mekboy Big Gun Mobs made of a motley assembly of Epic40k Lootas with Traktor Cannons and Shokk Attakk Guns from an earlier set. I just used the same technique to paint the metal areas but with blue and red as the main colours, as they hail from the Deathskull Klan.

Next up came a Biker Kult of Speed from the Evil Sunz. The same technique is doing wonders on pretty much everything, the different Klan colours just nicely brings some colour to the horde whilst all the battered metal brings the army together.

And a group shot of what I've painted so far. Not bad for 6 weeks work I have to admit. And it even look quite nice. If I turn the lights down.... and squint a bit.... The Stompamob is still a work in progress but I really wanted some Bad Moons in the horde somewhere. The Meganob stands are pretending to be Killa Kans at the moment until I can find a more suitable proxy.

Must get back to painting more Orks. Only a month to go!!! Oh dear....

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