Thursday, 6 July 2017

Naval OOB of Renegade Lord Korsun for BFG Korallex Sector Campaign

The warfleet of Renegade Lord Korsun's "Peoples' Rights" insurrection currently contains:

The capital ships;

Renegade Admiral Milanhor's flagship the Styx class Heavy Cruiser "Heartless Destroyer" - Ld 7 - Renown 1 - 290pts

The Carnage class Cruiser "Excessive" - Ld 8 - 180pts

The Devastation class Cruiser "Unforgivable" - Ld 8 - 190pts

The Slaughter class Cruiser "Soulless" - Ld 7 - 165pts

The Slaughter class Cruiser "Heathen Promise" - Ld 7 - 165pts

The escort squadrons;

3 Idolator class Raiders "Retaliators" -  Ld 9 - 135pts

3 Idolator class Raiders "Purgators" - Ld 8 - 135pts

4 Idolator class Raiders "Ravagers" - Ld 7 - 180pts

3 Infidel class Raiders "Damnators" - Ld 6 - 120 pts

3 Infidel class Raiders "Fellclaws" - Ld 7 - 120pts

3 Iconoclast class Destroyers "Fearmongers" - Ld 9 - 90pts

3 Iconoclast class Destroyers "Exterminators" - Ld 7 - 90pts

2 Iconoclast class Destroyers "Carrion Squadron" - Ld 6 - 60pts

2 Iconoclast class Destroyers "Lost Souls" - Ld 7 - 60pts

Imperial Navy OOB for the BFG Korallex Sector Campaign

Battlegroup Sarcus at full strength (1985 points) contains;

The capital ships:

The Mars class Battlecruiser "Fist of Faith" with upgraded gunnery sensors - Ld 7 - 285pts

Admiral Sarcus' flagship the Dictator class Cruiser "Fortitude" - Ld 7 - Renown 1 - 220pts

The Tyrant class Cruiser "Incendrius" with upgraded batteries - Ld 7 - 195pts

The Lunar class Cruiser "Iron Duke" - Ld 8 - 180pts

The Lunar class Cruiser "Centurion" - Ld 7 - 180pts

The Dauntless class Light Cruiser "Vigilant" with Torpedo Tubes - Ld 8 - 110pts

The escort squadrons

3 Firestorm class Frigates "Lexus Squadron" - Ld 7 - 120pts

3 Firestorm class Frigates "Costa Barbarus Patrol" - Ld 6 - 120pts

3 Sword class Frigates "Omega Flotilla" - Ld 7 - 105pts

3 Sword class Frigates "Gamma Flotilla" - Ld 7 - 105pts

3 Sword class Frigates "Alpha Flotilla" - Ld 8 - 105pts

2 Sword class Frigates "Stalwart Patrol" - Ld 6 - 70 pts

4 Sword class Frigates "Vanguard Flotilla" - Ld 7 - 140 pts

3 Cobra class Destroyers "Widowmaker Squadron" - Ld 9 - 90pts

2 Cobra class Destroyers "Minnow Squadron" - Ld 8 - 60pts

Quite heavy on frigates among the escorts as I find the 5+ Armour and 2 Turrets, plus increased firepower, invaluable. Although there are some Cobras in there as coordinated torpedo attacks with a Mars or Dictator, along with their bombers, can really put the hurting on anything short of a Battleship.

Pretty standard spread of capital ships really. I'm itching to try the Tyrant and its long-range guns (a rare novelty in Imperial cruiser design) but feeling a bit short on Dauntlesses. If I get a run of Raids it's a shortage that may tell but hopefully my first batch of reinforcements will be a few more of the little beauties.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Must Paint Faster....

Just a quick update in the painting project that is my Ork 'horde'. They'll be hopefully coming with me to Birmingham in June so everything else in the painting queue has been necessarily pushed aside while I paint as many greenskins as possible.

First up was two Mekboy Big Gun Mobs made of a motley assembly of Epic40k Lootas with Traktor Cannons and Shokk Attakk Guns from an earlier set. I just used the same technique to paint the metal areas but with blue and red as the main colours, as they hail from the Deathskull Klan.

Next up came a Biker Kult of Speed from the Evil Sunz. The same technique is doing wonders on pretty much everything, the different Klan colours just nicely brings some colour to the horde whilst all the battered metal brings the army together.

And a group shot of what I've painted so far. Not bad for 6 weeks work I have to admit. And it even look quite nice. If I turn the lights down.... and squint a bit.... The Stompamob is still a work in progress but I really wanted some Bad Moons in the horde somewhere. The Meganob stands are pretending to be Killa Kans at the moment until I can find a more suitable proxy.

Must get back to painting more Orks. Only a month to go!!! Oh dear....

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Space Orks in Colour (a painting blog)

I thought I'd do a bit of a log of the painting of my Waagh! both as a log and as a bit of a motivation boost.

I was pretty intimidated by the sheer scale of the horde I plan on building and as I also have a ~5000 point army of Steel Legion (that can do double-duty as ~4000 points of Kreig) with each trooper having at least 6 colours on them, I really didn't want to have 2 'horde' armies to paint like that. After much meditation on a quick and easy way to paint Orks I decided that most of the Boyz fighting as infantry would be Goffs and therefore mainly black with a bit of red here and there. I found that Ork skin could be done reasonably with a generous application of GW Biel Tan Green wash over a white spray.

First off the brush were 2 Goff Warbands. The Boyz are Defeat in Detail Skinnerz from their plastic sprues and the Grotz are Skinnerz Gobblars with some GW Grots to fill in the numbers.

Next came 8 Wagonz from the above sprues to ferry the Boyz around. My idea for their paintjob was for them to look like they could've been pulled out of a scrap heap. If I could find a good way of doing battered metal then even when I've got vehicles for all 6 Klanz of all the different colours the painting 'style' might pull them together into a roughly cohesive-looking force. I was at a loss on how to paint them until I remembered a technique I'd used on my GorkaMorka mob and thought a simplified version may suffice.

Basically I sprayed 'em black and attacked them with my 'stippling brush' (now about half an inch long and splayed to hell and back but sufficient for the task) using Ironbreaker. I aimed for an uneven silver all over followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade to bring out the detail and give a rusty, worn colour. Then the panels were roughly painted the right colours leaving the silver showing through at the edges. A quick and easy load of Battlewagonz that appropriately look like they'll fall apart at any moment.

On the heels of the Wagonz I decided to roll with it and see what it would look like on the Epic 40K Great Gargant. I love the goofiness of it so I knew I wanted to paint him like a huge Goff Boy so colour choices were easy. Another quick job but one I'm pretty proud of as it's my biggest epic model painted so far.

With the bug still going I've managed 2 more bare-bones Warbands, a Stormboyz Warhorde of Kommandoz (EpicUK), and a few odds and ends.

2150 points painted so all in all a very productive month! Plus due to some happy EBay karma I've got another ~4000 points of Orks to paint which means my goal of having an army of them ready for Wrath of the Tyrant in Leicester in October shoud be achievable.

On the table I'm loving the way Orks play. They have a fantastic laid-back style of generalship. Double everywhere until they're close enough to assault. Nice and simple. Admittedly my successes have been limited so far but they've been heaps of fun win or lose. I'm generally makng my opponents have to fight their way out of their deployment zone while the pressure mounts turn after turn. The only struggle at the moment is when small fast units manage to break through and run around my rear areas contesting objectives and such. Catching them and eliminating them is a challenge currently.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

NetEA 3K Battle Report Tau Vs. DKoK

Dave's EpicUK Tau List (as best as I can remember it)

5 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, Shas'o

6 Fire Warriors, 3 Devilfish

6 Fire Warriors, 3 Devilfish

Skyray, 4 Hammerhead Gunship (Railhead)

Skyray, 4 Hammerhead Gunship (Railhead)

4 Hammerhead Gunships (Fusionhead), Skyray

4 Hammerhead Gunships (Fusionhead), Skyray

6 Tetra

6 Tetra

6 Tetra

Protector Class Cruiser

4 Hammerhead Gunships (Fusionhead)

My EpicUK Death Korps List

Death Korps Supreme Commander, 19 Death Korps Infantry units, Gorgon Siege Transporters (2 Gorgons)

Death Korps Commander, 19 Death Korps Infantry units, Gorgon Siege Transporters (2 Gorgons)

12 Death Korps Rough Rider units, Hellhound Squadron (3 Hellhounds)

3 Earthshaker Platforms, 3 Gun Emplacements

3 Earthshaker Platforms, 3 Gun Emplacements

3 Earthshaker Platforms, 3 Gun Emplacements

8 Death Korps Grenadier units, Gorgon

3 Heavy AA gun platforms, 3 Tractors


2 Thunderbolts

2 Thunderbolts


  • Tau win Strategy after a tied roll.
  • The Tau Cruiser refuses to respond to requests for fire support even with the Supreme Commander's help. It's arrival will be delayed until at least next turn.
  • The Kreig call in a Thunderbolt squadron to Ground Attack some exposed Tetras (yellow). They manage 2 kills but don't quite break them.

  • The Blue Tetra squadron calls Co-ordinated Fire with the Blue Railheads targetting the Shadowsword.
    • The Tetras Double up to place a BM.

    • Railheads Advance and after several saves only manage a BM.

  • Tau retain with the Red Fusionheads who Double up to put another BM on the Shadowsword, breaking it.

  • The Kreig Flak Battery Sustains Fire at the Blue Tetras but only manage a BM.

  • The Grenadier Platoon then attempts to retain and Engage the Blue Tetras but they cock-up the execution even with the Colonel's insistence, only managing to move forwards and receiving a BM for their troubles.

  • The Tau attempt to activate the Yellow Tetras but, disordered by the Thunderbolts strafing them, they botch their communications protocols and break themselves in a flurry of confused messages. 

  • The 1st Kreig Artillery Battery Sustains Fire at the Red Railheads managing to disable a tank.

  • Red Railheads then Marshal and move, shedding both of their BMs.

  • The Death Korps call in their second Thunderbolt squadron on Ground Attack against the brazen Blue Tetra squadron but even they only manage to knock out a single skimmer.

  • The Tau Double up with the Blue Fusionheads and fire at the Grenadiers managing to kill 4 stands of troopers.

  • The 2nd Artillery Battery Sustains Fire at the Red Fusionheads for 1 destroyed tank.

  • The Tau March their Blue Fire Warriors up their left flank to threaten the Grenadiers.

  • The 3rd Artillery Battery mixes up the coordinates of their barrage and waste their potential (Hold and Regroup).

  • The Tau March the Red Tetras up their right flank into the path of the main Kreig thrust.

  • The Kreig send in their Death Rider Company at the Double to start clearing the way, the Hellhounds managing to incinerate the closest 2 Tetras.

  • The Tau counter by Doubling in the Silver Fusionheads and targetting the Death Riders managing to destroy 2 of the flame tanks.

  • The Regimental HQ Doubles into the buildings in the centre, unleashing their Frag Mortars on the tenacious Blue Tetras, destroying 3 and finally breaking the last 2 survivors.

  • The Crisis suits Double to their right flank and let fly on the Death Riders at range, killing 2 stands.

  • The Kreig Infantry Company then doubles up their left flank into the space left by the crispy Tetras and fire on the Silver Fusionheads with everything but only place a BM.

  • Finally the Red Fire Warriors must have fallen asleep waiting for orders so only manage a sluggish move forward into the buildings and gain a BM.

  •  For the Tau everyone passes except Blue Tetras that fails to rally and the Silver Fusionheads who fail to shift their BM.
  • On the Kreig side almost everyone passes but shamefully the Shadowsword remains broken and the Grenadiers don't rally and remain
  •  1 BM away from breaking.

  • Tau win Strategy.
  • The Crisis suits declare Co-ordinated Fire with the Silver Fusionheads targetting the Regimental HQ.
    • The Fusionheads Advance and kill an infantry stand.

    • The Crisis suits use this opportunity to put distance between themselves and the Death Riders, Doubling away as fast as they could.

  • The Yellow Tetras retain and Double over to place the BM needed to break the Grenadiers.

  • Seeing their doom fast-approaching, the 1st Artillery Battery is too busy firing disorganised shots into the Red Tetras who keep shining laserpens in their eyes to be able to respond to calls for a supporting barrage. Their fire does succeed in knocking out a Tetra and sending the remaining Red Tetras into a withdrawl though. They also pick up a BM. (Hold and Fire)

  • After a few choice words of encouragement from the Supreme Commander, the Red Fusionheads Doubles through the gap left by the Grenadiers and smothers the 3rd Artillery with fire killing or wounding the crews of all three guns.

  • Retaining the initiative, the Blue Railheads also Double up, this time to target the 2nd Battery. Unfortunately their Railguns and lack of Smart Missiles make them much less effective against the dug in gunners resulting in only a BM.

  • With enemy tanks within spitting distance, the Flak Battery depresses their guns and Sustains Fire on the Red Fusionheads. The high-velocity shells tear 2 skimmer tanks apart, their colleagues retreating to reorganise.

  • The Red Fire Warriors mount up and March towards the left flank to join in the breakthrough force.

  • The 2nd Artillery Battery attempts to smash Blue Fusionheads before they can cause any further mischief but the shower of shells only places a BM.

  • The Proctector Class Cruiser in orbit finally responds to communications and opens fire on the transports of the Regimental HQ. One Gorgon is lightly damaged, the other is immobilized and almost completely wrecked.

  • The Death Rider Company Marches off in pursuit of the Crisis suits and the enemy Commander.

  • The Blue Fire Warriors Double forward and pick off the exposed crewmen of the 1st Battery with rifle and carbine fire. No gunners survive.

  • With the situation deteriorating rapidly with every passing moment, the Colonel decides that decisive action is needed. Gathering his men, many still stunned by the orbital strikes, he leads them in a charge across the desert towards the Red Fusionheads. After a short but fierce skirmish, two of the alien tanks are burning and the rest fleeing for the loss of the operational Gorgon.

  • The Tau Commander's attempts to exploit the gap and hammer through additional forces are thwarted when Blue Fusionheads' command and control breaks down, leaving the tank formation no choice but to reorganise. They clear all of their BMs. (Hold and Regroup)
  • With the centre and righ flank disintegrating, the Infantry Company is ordered to March back into the centre to try and prevent the enemy opening the gap any further.

  • The Red Railheads Advance to place themselves across the path of the Death Riders, their blazing Burst Cannons and Railguns killing a stand of horsemen and the last flame tank.

  • Red Thunderbolt Squadron comes in and makes an attack run on the Blue Tetras, managing to disable both skimmers.
  •  Blue Thunderbolt Squadron is stuck refueling and is unable to follow Red's example.
  • For the Tau only the Yellow Tetras fail to clear their BMs.
  • The Kreig are beset by failures however. The Shadowsword and Grenadiers remain broken while the Death Riders and 2nd (Only) Artillery fail to clear their BMs.

  • Tau win Strategy.
  • The Red Railheads Sustain Fire on the Death Riders right in front of them killing 4 stands and sending the remainder running to the hills.

  • Retaining, the Crisis suits March back to secure the Blitz.
  • Despite their close proximity to their targets, the Flak Battery's Sustained Fire on the Silver Fusionheads only results in a BM.
  • The Yellow Tetras Co-ordinate Fire with the Silver Fusionheads targetting 2nd (Only) Artillery Battery.
    • The Tetras Double over and place a BM.

    • The Silver Fusionheads then Double and place the BM that breaks them. One gun is spiked by it's crew before they withdraw due to the nearby Tetras.

  • Seeing their opportunity, the Blue Fire Warriors Double into the centre and open fire on the now exposed Regimental HQ. The casualties are horrendous with 6 stands killed, including Political Officer Kellan dead and the Supreme Commander Colonel Miener severely wounded, but even this isn't enough to break the will of the redcoats.

  • With almost half of the HQ Company dead or wounded and the CO incapacitated, Captain Wheeler takes temporary command and rallies the remains of the Company in the buildings around the immobilized Gorgon. Once in cover they set to reorganising and clear 5 BMs.

  • Looking to keep the pressure on, the Blue Fusionheads Doubles up and pours yet more fire into the battered survivors of the HQ Company, killing another 3 stands but the brave redcoats refuse to break (just).

  • With the battle slipping away, Blue Thunderbolt Squadron is thrown into the fray to attack the Red Railheads. One fighter-bomber is shot down by ground AA fire, the other only manages a BM.
  • The Infantry Company has orders to continue the assault and Engage the Red Railheads but even out on the flank it is clear that things aren't rosy elsewhere on the frontline. With most of his supporting formations having been reallocated to other units, darkness not far off and unable to raise HQ on the vox to get confirmation that he is to proceed as planned, Major Fyndor orders his Company to dig in while he sends out runners to find out the situation.
With the twighlight came a lessening of the fighting with those units not completely cut off by the aliens making their withdrawls to safer positions with all possible speed. Those units stranded out on the old frontlines with no route of escape have no choice but to wait for either the counter-attack that would hopefully be organised for the following day, or await the barbaric mercies of the hated, heathen alien invaders.